New Brunswick Social Pediatrics partners with the University of New Brunswick, Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine, and Memorial University Faculty of Medicine to provide opportunities for students to work with our team. This includes co-op placements, research projects, summer work terms, and more.

Current Students

My research project with NB Social Pediatrics has been a great learning experience in multiple areas. I’ve learned more about the community that I am being trained in, I have a better understanding of qualitative research, and I’ve developed an interest in Pediatrics as a career. All of this is thanks to the great team at NB Social Pediatrics, and I am excited to continue my work with them and learn more about the healthcare needs of children.

Dalhousie University Medical Student

Ryan Schatz

Perceptions of Healthcare Systems for Children aged 9-11 with Behavioral Issues: A Focus Group Study

Dalhousie University Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences) Honours Student

Lauryn Anderson

Psychosocial Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on New Brunswickers

Being a member of the NB Social Pediatrics team has provided me with the opportunity to work alongside a team of hardworking individuals that are dedicated to improving health and quality of care for children and their families throughout New Brunswick. I am excited to work with this team on a project that aims to understand the well-being of New Brunswicker’s throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope to support the NB Social Pediatrics research team in their mission to improve the long-term outcomes for residents of the province!

Past Students

I have greatly enjoyed working with the Social Pediatrics team! They are a group of deeply passionate and hard working individuals who truly want to make the province of New Brunswick an equitable place for all children to grow up into healthy and resilient adults. I hope that one day I can contribute and be an advocate and ally as some of my mentors in this program!

Dalhousie University Medical Student

Naythrah Thevathasan

NBHRF Studentship

Innovating Pediatric Behavioural Assessments and Care Pathways

Rohit Purushotham

University of New Brunswick Master of Business Administration Student

Project Coordinator, CARE Database

We are helping people from different walks of life to achieve their goals, one step at a time, and it feels great to be part of such an effort. I've learned a lot about project coordination, negotiation and creation of marketing strategy.

University of New Brunswick Master of Business Administration Student

Sana Mithani

Project Coordinator

It has been a source of pride serving NB Social Pediatrics to achieve its key objective of becoming non-profit incorporation in New Brunswick. The entire team has been inspirational, and I enjoyed collaborating with them to accomplish the goals. I believe NB Social Pediatrics serves a vital purpose in building a healthy and sustainable future for children and their families. It will be an equally exciting experience of helping this organization in any future community initiative.

Moving to NB for medical school, it was important to me to learn about the context I was training in. The Social Peds elective allowed me to meet with numerous organizations that are active in the Saint John community, so I know where and how to best direct future patients.

Dalhousie University Medical Student

Tatum Burdo

Social Pediatrics Elective Student

I did an elective in Social Pediatrics in my first year of medical school to get more experience in Pediatrics and get to know the community and resources better. I rotated not only through a variety of clinics, but also community organizations, simulation experiences and counselling sessions. The experiences I had opened my eyes to the barriers that children and their families face to accessing care and living healthy lives, and I learned how impactful health professionals can be when they recognize and work to break down those barriers. The elective certainly encouraged me in the direction of Pediatrics, and has given me perspective that still impacts my day-to-day practice. I’m thankful for the experience I gained through the program, and for the important work that they continue to do!

Dalhousie Medicine Graduate

Western University Pediatric Resident

Kiersten Amos

Social Pediatrics Elective Student

Participating in the Social Pediatrics Elective was a wonderful experience that helped me familiarize myself with a variety of community resources in Saint John and network with physicians and other providers in the community who share a social determinants of health lens in their practices. It also allowed me to further develop my advocacy skills as my elective project was to write a letter advocating for the removal of a minimum age for gender-affirming chest surgery in New Brunswick. I would strongly recommend this elective experience to others as I believe it provides context and knowledge that will help you become a better future healthcare provider for all of your patients, regardless of your specialty of interest.

Emily Leaman

Dalhousie Medicine Graduate

Queens University Family Medicine Resident

Social Pediatrics Elective Student

I have had the pleasure of working with the Social Paediatrics Department in Saint John over the past few years. Before my acceptance to medical school I worked for a summer in data entry where I would input the statistics that eventually became the basis of my project. Once in medical school, Dr. Gander and Sarah Campbell helped me investigate the factors that create barriers to timely care in their pediatric clinic. Last year the project was published in Cureus medical journal of Paediatrics. As a person who is usually terrified of research and avoids it at all costs, I could never have asked for a better team than the one I got working with this department. It turned out that this was one of my favourite experiences in medical school and I look forward to any future opportunities that may arise to work together once again.

Memorial University Medical Student

Patrick Rogers

Examining the Impact of Family Structure on Behaviour Related Referral Wait Times in a Paediatric Clinic

It was a pleasure doing the project. Everyone with the program was highly engaged and helpful, very clearly caring about the work we were doing. The project itself was interesting for me, and felt like it could meaningfully impact patient care. Overall, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to collaborate with the NB Social Pediatrics program.

Dalhousie Medicine Graduate

Memorial University Pediatric Resident

Andrew Borodovski

The Concordance between Physician Referral and Parent Expectations in the Consultant Pediatrician's Office

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