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New Brunswick Social Pediatrics (NBSP) was developed with the primary purpose of improving the quality of life, health and long-term outcomes of children and their families in our province. It is well-documented that children facing social disparities, trauma and toxic stress will experience a disproportionate number of negative physical and mental health outcomes across their lifespan.


NB Social Pediatrics uses a multi-disciplinary, intersectoral approach, to use the social determinants of health as entry points to mitigate toxic stress and trauma in children; utilizing research and evaluation of each program to identify and understand what works for families and children; adapting and pivoting programs as we learn more about the needs of our families.




Jon Doe

The Community Social Pediatrics Clinic is an interdisciplinary “kitchen table” approach to pediatric care. Our clinic brings the child, their family, and professionals together to help mitigate the social determinants of health on the child and eliminate any other barriers to care.


Jane Doe

PCAP is a unique program that provides personalized support for women/birthing people who use substances by pairing them with an Advocate for three years. Advocates work with clients to identify, set, and achieve their goals. Together, Advocates and clients connect with community resources, and navigate complex systems to build the client's personal assets and autonomy.

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