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Current Studies

Community Social Pediatrics Clinic
We run a Community Social Pediatrics Clinic in Saint John that provides:
Legal Aid
Family Services
Social Work
Through our Clinic, we explore research questions around:

Ensuring access to our programs and services is equitable and efficient

Investigating ways to navigate a complex and, at times, fragmented system of care

Improving wait times and access to care

Evaluating service delivery location

Avoiding ineffective service duplication, but recognizing that our most vulnerable cannot get "too much" service

Understanding the needs of the child family

Evaluating how we meet children and families' basic needs

Increasing services and support for mental health addictions

Ensuring a supportive working environment

Implementing best practices to address stress and burnout in those working to support children and families

Strengthening relationships with our clients and partners

Implementing best practices to address stress and burnout in those working to support children and families

When we do our research, we are guided by a Child's Right to:

Through our research, we will have evidence we can apply to improve Quality of Life, Health, and Long-term Outcomes for children and Families
  • Provide input into their care (12)

  • Have their basic needs met (27)

  • Develop their strengths, talents, and abilities (29)

  • Quality education (28), play and rest (31)

  • Culturally-sensitive and respectful care (30)

  • Protection from harmful drugs (33)

Commuity Social Pediatrics Clinic
  • Program focuses on women who experience addiction during pregnancy.

  • In three years we have received over 100 referrals and are currently supporting more than 50 active clients.

  • Strengths-based & client-focused.

  • Advocates focus on positive role modeling, goal-setting, and advocacy to help these moms change the trajectories of their lives and overcome adversity.

  • Prospective, longitudinal study, with reporting at multiple time points

Parent-child Assistance Program
  • Parenting program designed for families that are impacted by addiction.

  • Centered around a family meal.

  • Parents and child both learn skills and are given an opportunity to practice those skills together.

  • Helps to build healthy attachment and communication within families.

Strengthening Families Program
Psychosocial Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic
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  • A multi-phase longitudinal study completed online examining the impacts of COVID-19 government restrictions on New Brunswickers.

  • Psychosocial focus on: satisfaction with life, psychological well-being, substance use, and socioeconomic status.

  • Life domains: Work, education, childcare, technology, housing, community supports.

We've created infographics with results from the first phase of this study, which you can view on our Information Sheets page.

COVID-19 Study
  • Work with our experts in data and research to identify key indicators

  • Access standardized data collection tools

  • Develop tools to help with evaluating and reporting

  • Link to administrative datasets housed at the New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data, and Training (NB-IRDT)

  • Receive training in data collection, storage, privacy, confidentiality, and ethics

The CARE Database is a secure, cloud-based data platform for New Brunswick community groups, NGOs, and other community partners working to address issues related to poverty reduction, education, food security, child and family health, and addiction.​

Partnering with the database allows groups to better evaluate their programs and understand the successes of their clients.

CARE Database
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