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Make a PCAP Referral

If you would like to refer someone to PCAP, please ensure the potential client has agreed to be contacted by PCAP prior to filling out the referral form. 


To make a referral over the phone:

Please call 506-214-1186 during regular

business hours.

Providing support for women who experience alcohol- or substance-use during pregnancy

PCAP is a unique program that provides personalized support for women/birthing people who use substances by pairing them with an Advocate for three years. Advocates work with clients to identify, set, and achieve their goals. Together, Advocates and clients connect with community resources, and navigate complex systems to build the client's personal assets and autonomy.

The PCAP team helps to create connections with other agencies, performs advocacy work, and is a reliable support for clients and their families.

The key domains that we focus on in PCAP include:

  • Safe, secure housing

  • Harm reduction

  • Reproductive health and family planning

  • Health and wellness for mom and children

  • Food security

  • Income, employment, and education

  • Healthy relationships and parenting

  • Legal concerns (family and justice)

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