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Parent-Child Assistance Program

Providing support for women who experience alcohol- or substance-use during pregnancy
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The Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP) is a pilot project of NB Social Pediatrics, funded by the Social Innovation Fund through the Saint John Community Foundation.

PCAP is a 3-year program of support and case
management for women that have experienced

addiction during pregnancy. We work with women to identify and overcome challenges that they face in their lives, including issues related to addiction treatment, guardianship of children, legal trouble, family planning, housing, training, education and anything else that is important to the women.



​In order to be eligible for this program the woman must answer yes to the following questions:

  1. Have you been pregnant in the last 5 years?

  2. Did you use alcohol or drugs during that pregnancy?

  3. Do you live in Saint John, NB? 

  4. Do you experience poverty?

  5. Do you have a hard time with any of the following issues and can’t seem to get any help?

  • Having a safe place to live?

  • Having enough food to eat?

  • Legal problems?

  • Mental health services?

  • Medical care?

  • Abuse of any kind?

  • Making ends meet?

Directions to the PCAP Office:
Make a PCAP Referral


If you would like to refer someone to PCAP, please ensure the woman has agreed to be contacted by PCAP prior to filling out the referral form. 


To make a referral via email:

Please fill out the referral form and e-mail to


To make a referral over the phone:

Please call 506-214-1186 during regular

business hours.

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