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Building a healthy future for our famlies

NB Social Pediatrics is an interprofessional, community-based approach to care for children and their families in New Brunswick.

About Us

New Brunswick Social Pediatrics (NBSP) was developed with the primary purpose of improving the quality of life, health and long-term outcomes of children and their families in our province. It is well-documented that children facing social disparities, trauma and toxic stress will experience a disproportionate number of negative physical and mental health outcomes across their lifespan.

Currently, our Parent-child Assistance Program (PCAP) office is located on 105 Prince Edward Street - the main level of the Wheelhouse of Waterloo Village.

Up until recently, we have operated our Clinic at Saint John the Baptist School and have now opened up a new Community Social Pediatrics Centre in the South-Central Peninsula.

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History and Recent News

Office Update

The Parent-Child Assistance Program office has moved! 

May 2021

The PCAP office has relocated from 139 Prince Edward Street (the Social Enterprise Hub) to 105 Prince Edward Street (the Wheelhouse of Waterloo Village). We are so excited about this new space as the program continues to grow.

Parent and Child
Publication: Journal of Pediatric and Child Health

"Disrupting the cycle of adverse childhood experiences by supporting mothers with addiction"

August 2020

Our research team investigated the predominance of generational addiction in families impacted by maternal addiction to identify potential risks present for the current generation of children.

Click here to read the summary

Kids in Preschool
Publication: Journal of Paediatric and Child Health

"Innovating Pediatric Behavioural Assessments and Care Pathways: Community Consultation Phase"

August 2020

Our research team examined the experiences of children and their families during referral and treatment process for pediatric behavioural referrals in our region.

Click here to read the summary

Image by Tim Mossholder
Office Update

The PCAP office is now open!

May 2020

The PCAP Office is now opened, following provincial Covid-19 regulations to keep everyone safe. Please call the office to make an appointment prior to visiting. 

Click here to view our most recent safety measures

Image by Eliott Reyna
Article: CBC News

"Kids will be kids... and then there's Covid-19"

April 2020

CBC New Brunswick spoke with Dr. Sarah Gander about raising kids and teens during the Covid-19 pandemic

Click here to read the article

Blog Post: Canadian Pediatrics Society

"The essential work of social pediatrics"

April 2020

Dr. Sarah Gander reflects on the essential role of community social pediatrics in caring for families.

Click here to read the blog post

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NB Social Pediatrics Launched


April: NBHRF Clinical Scholarship Awarded to Dr. Gander

September: Received SOAR Grant to grow the Research Team

October: Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP) Launched



  • Move to Social Enterprise HUB

  • CARE Database collaboration begins with the NB-IRDT

September: Strengthening Families Program delivered to 8 families

November: First Community Social Pediatrics Clinic opens at SJBKE School


February: Social Worker joins clinical team

March: Longitudinal COVID-19 Study launched

June: Attain Non-Profit Status for 
NB Social Pediatrics Inc.

August: Collaborated with SJ Community Loan Fund on Eye-ing the ID Project

Fall: First Board Meeting for NB Social Pediatrics Inc.


March: Capacity Building Grant Received

June: PCAP Office Moves to the Wheelhouse of Waterloo Village

July: Community Social Pediatrics Centre opens on Princess Street in Saint John

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