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POP Centre Programs

The Community Social Pediatrics Clinic is an interdisciplinary “kitchen table” approach to pediatric care. Our clinic brings the child, their family, and professionals together to help mitigate the social determinants of health on the child and eliminate any other barriers to care.
We aim to give the child a voice in their own care and have partners across disciplines come together to capture the big picture in the child’s life. By focusing children and their families, New Brunswick Social Pediatrics draws on strengths of the child, their family, and our community.


The clinic is currently housed in the Community Social Pediatrics Centre on Princess Street.

Dr. Gander and Dr. McKenna generally hold at least two clinics per month. Social Worker Maranda Fullerton also participates in the clinic and provides additional support for the families.

More information on the clinic referral process coming soon.

This little guy and his mom enjoy a happ

Strengthening Families Program

Improving family relationships and increasing positive outcomes for parents and children.

Strengthening Families is an internationally recognized program that provides family skills training to parents and children who are at risk for substance-use.


The program aims to promote positive relationships and social activities while decreasing the risk of adverse behaviours in the future.

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NB Social Pediatrics launched their first Strengthening Families program in September 2019 thanks to the generous support of the IODE 100th Anniversary Grant.

Program Structure

The Strengthening Families Program is led by NB Social Pediatrics employees, PCAP employees, and community volunteers who have successfully completed the Strengthening Families training.

Each week begins with a family-style meal for all participants. Family mealtime may not be a common occurrence for many participating families, so it is an important opportunity for families to come together and build connections while practicing skills learned during previous weeks.

Following the meal, parents and children separate into two groups to focus on their specific learning outcomes for the week. They then come together for a family session where they can practice what they have just learned.

Support our Strengthening Families Program

The success of this program would not be possible without the support of community sponsors. 

We are currently seeking local businesses or individuals to sponsor the following:

  • Weekly meals

  • Completion incentives for parents (such as gift cards)

  • Completion incentives for children (toys, books, etc.)

If you would like to support our Strengthening Families Program this fall, contact Sarah Campbell at for more information. 

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